-FOR FUTURE FUTURES-



                                                                             [-/ A self-birthing Ad Hoc gang of mischievous Necessary playing truth or Dare with Evolution /-]


At first, chaos came to be, and then… 

Something Is Coming…


IssueN°1 – Homo Sustainable 

<<An A** with a Tesla said: I am God’s Gift to sustainability>>

<<And God said: No. >>


; the primordial void. A

womb waiting to be filled;

a space for our newborns…





Whatever we want. Whenever we want. However we want. As long as it’s pure. 












a brand is identification. Further subdivision. This is not that.This is a breath, running. An eye, mouthing. A fact, tripping. An explanation, drunk and refusing. A definition, giggling. A species, stripping. A consciousness, expanding. A chasm, birthing. This is the WARP. The engine of evolution. A constant distortion of primal mud. The moment it straightens, the warp will begin again. And now…